SelfhelpMagazine PRIVACY POLICY

At SelfhelpMagazine our goal is to respect your privacy. We gather information about our visitors to help with tailoring our services to our visitors. We do not collect personal information through cookies. We collect only such personally identifiable information as age, sex, e-mail addresses, etc., when voluntarily submitted. All such information is kept private, and not sold or transferred to third parties. It is used exclusively for our internal purposes. With this security, you may wish to know there are at least two ways in which you may be subjected to unethical exploitation on the Internet:

  1. When visiting SelfhelpMagazine, your exploration of our material is private unless you voluntarily choose to make your identity known to other readers in our Community Forums. By sending a message to any one of our forum areas, your message will appear on our pages for an indeterminate amount of time. If you choose to use these areas of the magazine, please be aware that we are able to offer you FREE access and free information, but our staff is not available to correct mistakes or remove your comments in a timely fashion. Double-check your submissions and post at your own risk. 
  2. If you choose to use our Psychological Resource Links & Lists and click on any website address in that department, or click any advertising that you find on our pages, you will actually be LEAVING OUR WEBSITE. By so doing, you will no longer be in our magazine, and may, therefore, be visiting a website that may track your stop at every page, and sell this information to companies that may try to sell you products or services related to the topics found on the pages you visited. Once you leave our pages, we cannot control what other people will do with your private information. Please proceed at your own risk.
  3. TeleWorkshops will be audio-taped and either given to the public for free or sold throughout the Internet and other electronic venues. If you want to participate by asking a question, please use the webpage address to ask your question. Text questions can be also submitted if a Webinar address is offered that will be available with registration material that is available after you sign up for each call. If selected, your question will be read aloud by Dr. Maheu or her designated interviewer. If you want to participate  but are concerned that someone will identify the situation you outline in email, please omit any identifying information, or refrain from sending your question to us. You are the ultimate judge of what gets divulged during these events. Make your decisions wisely. We cannot and will not be held responsible for any information that you voluntarily give to us. We will not edit material out of our publications after these events if you later decide that you are uncomfortable or should not have participated. You can benefit from simply listening if you think that is the safest way to participate, given your circumstance. If you are under the care of a mental health or other health care professional, we advise that you discuss your level of participation in these events prior to registering, and most certainly prior to divulging any personal information for anyone in the world to potentially hear.

The company owning SelfhelpMagazine, Pioneer Development Resources, Inc., will not knowingly violate your privacy. Please see our SelfhelpMagazine Service Agreement and Code of Conduct for further information about our policies.

Please use our pages to help yourself. If you become aware of any privacy issues or ways in which the privacy of others might be compromised without our knowledge, please help us make this site safe for everyone by reporting your concerns to us. Please feel free to contact the SelfhelpMagazine Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Maheu with any questions or concerns.