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Online Therapy Anyone?

Today I’m starting a new series of blog posts about online therapy. You can look forward to seeing me discuss a number of issues that many therapists, counselors, patients & clients ask themselves: 1. Is it ok for me to ask my therapist to text me rather than call and leave messages? or have a Skype session with me online? or let me send them an email describing how I feel about a...

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Can My Therapist Work with Me Even When I Move to Another State or Country?

Using today’s technology, yes, online counseling and online therapy are possible, legal and ethical. Here’s how: 1. Your therapist needs to get secure technology. SKYPE is not yet secure, but if they pay a little money, they can get what’s known as “HIPAA-compliant technology.” If they have any questions about doing that, ask them to get the audio recording...

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How Might You Check Out An Online Therapist?

You finally found a counselor or therapist who might just be able to help you online. The price is right, she is available, but you stop for a minute and want to check  out her credentials (smart). You want to be sure she is  legitimate, and not just some woman working out of a corner of her fancy laundry room. How do you figure out if she is the “real thing?” It’s easy. Check...

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Is Your Therapist Using Skype and Billing Your Insurance Illegally?

Many therapists are already using technology to extend their reach online, but aren’t being honest with the insurance companies about the location of the services they bill. Telehealth services, that is, online therapy, online counseling, Internet therapy, etherapy, webtherapy, Skype therapy – all these terms mean the same thing, and they typically require a special...

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Online Therapy, Online Counseling and Web Therapy — 5 Ways to Make Sure You Are Safe

Good News Help comes in all shapes and sizes, as do people and their challenges. Similarly, online therapy, online counseling and web therapy are being practiced in many research-based and viable forms by responsible practitioners. The scientific literature supporting “telemental health” and “behavioral telehealth” is over 50 years old, and shows that benefits  often...

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