by Diana Williams

Because there are so many pitfalls and tragedies that plague the lives of teenagers today, I felt I had to pen this as a plea from the deeply hurt parent to the struggling teen of the 90's. This is why LOVING parents sometimes act as they do.

God blessed me with a wonderful gift of love and perfection. You are that gift. You are mine for only a short time, and I am grateful to have been chosed to behold such a miracle.

From the moment I looked into your precious face, counted your fingers and toes, I was in love for the rest of my life. I felt as though I now could feel a fraction of what God must have felt when he breathed the breath of life into a lump of clay and Man became a Living Soul.

I watched you sleep and slumber, I bathed you, powdered you, fed you, held you, caressed you, sung to you, read to you, protected you and kissed every inch of your soft and tender being. You are my gift.

Your First Steps....
I watched you roll over the first time. I was overjoyed; you were a bit surprised at your feat. Your first stance on those little legs was a balancing act and eventually the day came when you took your first step.

Those steps opened up an entirely new world to you; for you had always seen everything from the lowest of the low or the highest of the high. Now, you were eye-to-eye with an undiscovered, yet touchable world.

On an expedition you went, touching and tasting any and everything. Through touch and taste you unfolded the world around you. You quickly learned what was allowed to be touched and tasted and what was not.

As the years went by, you begin to talk, talk, talk, and more talk. You were an endless question box and a period never ended my answer to your question; only that infamous word --"Why???"

To you, it seemed as though I had all the answers. In your eyes I was the smartest person alive. You always knew I would try to answer your question and explain the answer so you could understand.

The Later Years....
Now the later years are here, you're a teenager and I am the dumbest person on planet Earth. According to you, I don't understand, I need to recognize, I don't want you to have a "good time," I am not in touch, I don't know that this is the 90's, I cannot relate to who you are, and I am tooooo strict.

It seems as though in only a few years, I have gone from being the smartest person to the dumbest person you know, and my question to you is, "Why???"

Am I not the same person who watched you sleep and slumber, who bathed you, powdered you, feed you, held you, caressed you, sung to you, read to you, and protected you from danger?

Am I not the same person that God years ago entrusted to me a wonderful gift of love and perfection shaped as you? Just as God protects, set rules for, chastises; and listens to His creation, Man, God has commanded me to do the same toward you. My Child...My Gift.

This story is not meant to make you feel as though I do not want you to spread your wings and fly, or that I want to keep you as a baby, but I DO want to protect you from some of life's pitfalls as much as I can and have a Two-Way relationship with you.

I want you to know that I am not all-knowing; but I am acquainted with some of the pitfalls of life. I have felt what you are feeling, and I want you to know that I am willing to meet, to discuss, to understand, to forgive, to forget and to move forward from here -- together.

My Child...My Gift