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  1. We welcome adults of all ages, races, religions, genders, national origins, sexual orientations and points of view. We do not tolerate expressions of bigotry, hatred, harassment; stalking or other abusive behavior.
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  3. We recognize that children and teens need to have discussion areas that are appropriate for them, but we do not offer them at this website. We also do not allow discussions that suggest or encourage interaction between children or teens and adults for improper or illegal purposes. For the same reason, we do not allow sexually-suggestive innuendoes or double entendres. If you are under the age of eighteen, this site is not developed for you. Please leave now, and do not return.
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  5. We do not encourage Discussion Forum participants to give personal identifying information or passwords to anyone in any of our interactive areas. Users should be aware that, when they disclose personal identifying information such as their actual names, member names, telephone numbers, street addresses, personal websites, e-mail addresses, etc., in any online interactive area, the information may be collected and used by others to send users unsolicited e-mail from other parties, or to engage in stalking or other forms of harassment. We deplore such behavior, but we have no power to prevent it. Prevention falls to the user, by withholding all information of the sort that can lead to such abuse. Stalking of others in our Discussion Forums or in another manner, is a serious offense. In many areas, such behavior is considered to be a criminal act. Whether it is forbidden in your jurisdiction or not, it is forbidden in the SHM website.
  6. We cannot guarantee the content of comments that you will receive while you are online. Other people's comments may be offensive, harmful or inaccurate. While we may offer Discussion Forums on a broad range of topics, our staff, authors and guests do not offer professional or medical advice of any kind, and we take no responsibility for their communications, either through our website or privately with you, or your reactions to them.
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  8. We do not allow commercial activity we have not authorized. We encourage communication between our members, but posting or transmitting of unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, or any other form of solicitation to other users is not allowed. This means we do not allow you to advertise your product by listing your website address or email address in our interactive areas. If you do so, we reserve the right to ban you from any area or areas of SHM, at our sole discretion.
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