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Article/Cartoon/Interview/TeleWorkshop Licensing & Product Development Agreement

Below you will find our standard non-exclusive licensing agreement. Please let me know if you have any problems with it, and if not, please print, list your article, sign it in INK, and surface mail to me at:

Pioneer Development Resources, Inc.
Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.
711 S. Carson St., Ste. 6
Carson City, NV 89701

FAX it to: 480-393-5570.

I. This agreement is between (please name your self or your  company)________________________________,
and Pioneer Development Resources, Inc. (herein known as "PDR"), an Internet publishing company. Both parties enter into this agreement regarding publication of the submitted work(s) titled or described as:
I. By signing below, the Contributor demonstrates understanding of and agreement to the following   conditions:

A. Articles: PDR publishes two types of articles:

  1. Professional Articles are written exclusively by authors who have demonstrated proficiency in the topic addressed in their "submitted work". Proficiency, for the sake of PDR articles, is understood to mean that the Contributor has:
  • a. earned at minimum, a master's degree from an accredited institution; and
  • b. has held, at some point in his or her lifetime, a state or local professional license.
For example, psychologists living in the United States who sumbit articles in the category of "Professional Article" warrant that they are licensed as psychologists in their state of residence OR are current members of the American Psychological Association or similarly recognizable professional association. Similarly, attorneys, coaches, counselors, chiropractors, marriage, family and child counselors, pastoral counselors, psychiatrists, physicians, social workers, etc. must be properly licensed or credential by their respective licensing or credentialing bodies. In fields where licensing is not yet developed, such as coaches, coach Contributors must be credentialed by the their nationally recognized credentialing bodies, such as the International Federation of Coaches (ICF) prior to submitting articles to PDR. While we do not police such credentials, the Contributor, by the act of submitting work to PDR, warrants that the above requirements are met. Professional articles are to contain at least one and preferably more, references to the professional literature in a "Reference" section placed toward the end of each article.

2. Readers Articles are submissions by everyone else, are published in their own directory, and are clearly labeled
    for the "Reader's Article" designation when submitted.

B.  Copyright and Ownership.
Contributor grants to PDR and its affiliates, successors and assigns  a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide license to electronically publish all material submitted to PDR. Contributor acknowledges and agrees that copyright notice to be displayed in the publication is that of PDR, as a compilation copyright. The Contributor also grants to PDR, the right to publish the submitted material in any format, electronic or not, in PDR publications or products, including (but not by way of limitation) to web sites, newsletters, blogs, ebooks, podcasts, or future compilations or derivatives. Contributor will not have the right to remove any publication or product from PDR publications after it has been published by PDR. Contributor also grants PDR the right to convey free re-print permission of articles to other educational publications, be they for-profit or non-profit publications. In all such cases, reprinting publishers will be instructed to follow these guidelines as updated on the website.

Contributor agrees to keep PDR informed of changes in email, street and telephone number. Two attempts at email contact by PDR will be considered adequate notice should the Contributor need to be contacted for any reason. Also, given the uncontrollable nature of the Internet, if the Contributor's works are illegally copied, PDR will not be held responsible for this violation of copyright law. It is understood that policing of copyright violations, then, is outside the scope of PDR's capacity or responsibility.

C. Client Confidentiality.
When writing or discussing clinical issues of any kind, the Contributor fully agrees to adequately conceal all names of patients or clients. Therefore, all submitted names and fact patterns will be unrecognizable compilations or otherwise devised to protect the privacy and confidentiality of clients/patients or their family, friends, or associates previously or currently known by this Contributor or any associates. The Contributor accepts full responsibility for maintaining confidentiality according to the Ethical Guidelines maintained by their respective professional associations, such as for psychologists, the American Psychological Association, and their relevant state, federal or regional laws.

D. Errors & Omissions & Hold Harmless.
The Contributor will not hold PDR, or any one of its Editors, Staff or Representatives responsible for typographical or informational errors in published material. It is understood that submitted works need to be

  • spell-checked,
  • grammar-checked and
  • approved by the Contributor's own fact-finding resources

before original submission to PDR. The Contributor agrees to indemnify and hold PDR and all of its staff, volunteers, contributors, affiliates, advertisers, sponsors and subcontractors harmless for any and all liability due to the Contributor's errors and omissions; as well as harmless for any and all harm due to inclusion or exclusion of their submissions in any PDR publication or product . 

It is also understood that submitted material may be subject to editorial license in preparing text for publication according to the standards and guidelines set forth by PDR, available for review at this website address.

E. Compensation and Fees.

  1. Article/Cartoon Submission: The Contributor is voluntarily donating his/her work to PDR for no monetary compensation. In turn, PDR agrees to, at a minimum, and for no charge, review for acceptance the Contributor's 800-or-less word article or cartoon, and a  biographical statement of up to 60 words. If a Contributor's work is published, it will be published and maintained at the sole expense of PDR. The Contributor warrants that everything submitted as a biographical statement is true, and understands that updates to this biographical statement at any point subsequent to being published online will incur a programming fee to update changes to telephone numbers, addresses, etc. Such fees will be billed at the prevailing hourly rate for web programmers.
  2. With a minimum acceptance and publication of 10 articles, significant Contributors will be allowed     to  develop and have published a full biographical page, which can serve as free advertising space for the    Contributor. A good biogrphical sketch is written in narrative style, and contains:
  • Contributor name
  • address
  • contact numbers 
  • website addresses (single URL)
  • product descriptions
  • product pictures (compressed .gif or .jpeg format)
  • types of services or areas of specialty offered by the Contributor
  • academic or other professional affiliations
  • awards
  • compressed.gif or .jpeg formatted picture of the Contributor and
  • compressed.gif or .jpeg formatted picture of book(s), ebook or podcast cover(s).

Email address(es) to the Contributor will not be published. The Contributor warrants that everything submitted as a biographical page is true, and understands that changes to this already published biographical statement at a later time to accommodate changes will incur a programming fee. A typical biographical page can be seen here:

3. Telephone Book Tour: If have appropriate licensure/credential and have written a book, you might want to consider applying for a telephone book tour, whereby our staff will arrange for the promotion and production of a telephone interview with a live audience. The event will also be heavily publicized in the PDR family of electronic venues, at no charge to the Contributor, but rather, as a form of repayment to the Contributor for granting us the interview and subsequent published material, if produced. Please include a list of talking points with your initial contact so that you request can be best appreciated.To be considered for a Telephone Book Tour, please send a copy of your book along with this agreement to the address at the top of this agreement, and email a list of your primary topics (or "speaking points")  and your Curriculum Vitae here.

4. Application for SHM TeleWorkshop: Education programs are also offered to our readership. They usually conisist of both telephone and webinar formats for contact to paid participants. To be considered for a TeleWorkshop, please send Curriculum Vitae here. If you do not get a response within 48 hours, please try again or send a fax to the number listed at the top of this agreement. The Contributor understands that SHM Telephone Book Tours and TeleWorkshops using interactive telephone  webinar (internet) connections to an audience of listeners. Edits cannot be made during such live events. Accepting audience questions is often a significant motivation for people to attend such calls, so the Contributor must be prepared to respond to audience questions.                                                        

F. Intellectual Property.
The Contributor warrants that he/she owns the full copyright of the intellectual property listed above, and has complete and unrestricted authority to enter into this agreement. The Contributor agrees to include at least two pertinent references to the scientific literature for each article, cited according to the publication guidelines used in PDR publications, that is, those of the American Psychological Association. For specifics, please refer to the online magazine and look at other articles at this website:

G. Contact with Readers/Listeners and Indemnification.
The Contributor agrees to indemnify and hold PDR and all of its staff, volunteers, affiliates and subcontractors harmless for any and all liability due to the Contributor's errors and ommisions, as well as a result of direct or indirect contact with readers, callers or their family, friends, associates, employers, representatives or any other related person(s) or party (parties).

If contacted by readers of the publication, the Contributor agrees to make it clear to the reader that he/she is not affiliated with PDR or any other product published by PDR, beyond the relationship of a specific content or product development Contributor. Therefore, the Contributor understands and will not convey any representation of being a spokesperson for PDR or its publications in any and all matters and accepts full responsibility of being an independently licensed or credentialed professional. If the Contributor participates in a Teleseminar or Telephone Book Tour, the Contributor will answer questions from callers in a general manner, and not infer knowledge or understanding of the caller's specific situation or offer specific advice to any one caller.

H. Submission Guidelines
The Contributor warrants that submission guidelines linked through this page have been read and followed precisely:  Acceptance of Contributor's submission(s) is not guaranteed. Feedback related to any rejection is not guaranteed. Professional Articles are also peer reviewed.

I. Arbitration.
It is mutually agreed that disputes between the parties shall be submitted to binding arbitration pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The place of arbitration shall be Carson City, Nevada; and the decision of the arbitrator or arbitration panel shall be binding upon all parties. This arbitration agreement will continue in perpetuity.

J. Entirety of Agreement. This document represents the entire agreement between the parties herein mentioned. All valid changes to this agreement will be made in writing and signed by both parties.

Dated this ______ day of ______________, __________ (year) at Carson City, Nevada. A faxed copy of this signature will be considered legal and binding.


Pioneer Development Resources, Inc.
Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.

711 S. Carson St., Ste. 6
Carson City, NV 89701

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